Emerging Scientist Competition Nomination - 2025


The Emerging Scientist Competition is a competitive program. Upon nomination, participants are selected by the Emerging Scientist Committee and invited to participate. 

Competitive presentations will be made at the AFGC Annual Conference and will be judged by a panel with representatives from all three sectors of AFGC membership. Those participants placing 1st - 3rd will receive recognition plaques and cash awards.

Participants in the Emerging Scientist Program must first be nominated by an AFGC member (see Nomination Form below). They must not have completed their last degree more than one year prior to July 1 of the year they participate. If an academic rank is held, it can be no higher than Assistant Professor. The participant must be senior author of the competition paper and must not have placed in the top three in any previous Emerging Scientist programs. B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. students' graduates are eligible to participate.

Participants will be selected based on the quality of their research and its written summary, their speaking experience, academic achievements, participation in professional activities and the nominator's recommendations. Nominees who are not selected will be encouraged to present their research results during the volunteer papers sessions at the AFGC Annual Conference.

The competition presentation should last 10 to 12 minutes with 3 to 5 minutes for questions and discussion. The presentation will be judged based on how well the research is described and the results presented, quality of research, use of visual aids, communication effectiveness with a diverse audience and response to questions.

A total of 75 points may be awarded for the presentation in the following areas:
Presentation Technique

·      Statement of Objectives - 5 pts

·      Logical Organization - 5 pts

·      Use and Quality of Visual Aids - 5 pts

·      Effective Use of Time - 5 pts

Speaker Attributes and Audience Awareness

·      Voice Level and Inflection - 5 pts

·      Pace - 5 pts

·      Professional in Dress and Mannerisms - 5 pts

·      Enthusiasm - 5 pts

·      Appropriate Technical Language - 5 pts

·      Questions Answered Effectively - 5 pts

Quality of Research

·      Study Designed to Meet Objectives - 5 pts

·      Sound Interpretation of Results - 5 pts

·      Significance (as conveyed by presenter) - 5 pts

·      Creativity - 5 pts

·      Knowledge of Subject - 5 pts 

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